Why The Small Escape?


Ooh, the twenty-first century.

I thought it was going to be all space age and protein pills. As life became fast, so too would we all. We’d be more than we were, I thought: super-fit, super-capable, whizzing around in our flying cars, connected to every human on the planet through a great web of shared knowledge and understanding. World peace would, naturally, ensue.

Instead here we all are, impatient as we wait for our train / green traffic light / meeting. We look down at our phones instead of up at the world. We eat meals prepared by others, are given the illusion of choice, are bombarded moment by moment with calls on our attention. It’s not our fault, but we’re not super-fit or super-capable; in fact, we’ve become less and less of both.

A while ago I decided to change my life

(you can read my story here). It was the best decision I could have made: I became healthier, calmer, fitter and more at ease. As a consequence, I began reading up on the effects of the twenty-first century on all of us humans. And I found out that our prehistoric brains literally can’t cope with all the choices we have to make in the modern age. (You can read an excerpt from one of the nerdy neuro-books I love, about brain fatigue and its effects, here).

But y’know, we all have to live in the twenty-first century. We can’t avoid it but we can – yes! – create small escapes from the world, within the world, in order to help all of us to navigate a way through.

The Small Escape is:

mindfulness + self-care + positive nutrition + brain health

and also:

many small actions = big results

and this too:

follow the rules + save your brain [x nourishing routines] = a rebalanced life

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