me green

I’m Stephanie. I’m an author, freelance writer, teacher – and I’m rapidly becoming an expert on the effects of life in the twenty-first century: amongst other things stress, toxicity, and neurological overload. I’ve also learned – and continue to learn more and more every day – on how to create a more balanced life in an imbalanced world.

For seventeen years

I’ve been working as a teacher with men contained in indefinite detention at a centre near a busy airport. As you can imagine, detention is a highly stressful situation for anyone – and many of the men’s situations are already tense enough as it is.

I’ve learned so much from the people I’ve met over the years, including the effects of stress on cognitive function – or how, when our brains are overloaded, we struggle to process information or make even simple decisions.

I’ve also learned that those who cope better with their detention have small routines and practical, achievable goals for each day.

Over the years, my lessons – as well as covering the basics – have developed into highly specialised activities aimed at people undergoing severe cognitive overload and neural fatigue.

In addition, eighteen months ago

all that professional experience came home to roost, when someone I care about dearly became extremely ill from neurological and toxic overload – or, as one practitioner put it, ‘twenty-first century syndrome.’ In addition, dealing with the fallout from that while commuting, working and writing meant I began experiencing the effects of stress and neural fatigue on my own health.

Enough was enough: something had to change

And so began my journey into neuroscience and nutrition, mindfulness and self-care. I read books, attended courses, scoured the best of the web and spoke to experts.

You can read a little here on the effects of neural overload on our cognitive processes. But that’s only a part of the problem: the modern diet, the wired-up world, toxicity and stress are all having huge negative effects on us twenty-first century humans.

In 2016 I began dreaming up a grand theory and a plan for better health, backed up and refined by solid research. It’s a graded, step-by-step program to a more balanced life, and one day I’ll be sharing the complete plan with you.

This blog is a window on to that plan. I want to help as many of us as possible to take Small Escapes from the frenetic modern world, and by following the activities we can all start to create a more balanced life.

They’re rules with a reason

And anyone can use them. Each activity is small and immensely doable, an easy way to escape from the non-stop pummelling our brains receive every day.

Thanks for taking the time (in this busy, frantic, attention-skewing world of ours) to read this blog. What do YOU think? Do we all – as I believe – need a small escape?