Get seedy! The five minute taste sensation

I’m all about adding good stuff in with minimum fuss. And by good, I mean tasty AND nutritious. I haven’t got a lot of free time (as you might have worked out if you’ve read this page), and when I used to read in some high-falutin chef’s cookbook about toasting some seed I’d never heard of I used to quite rightly think ‘nahhhh…’

Well anyway. I’m a seed LOVER now. Oh yes; I’ve got chia, poppy, sunflower, sesame, hemp, linseed and pumpkin (pictured) in me cupboard, and a gazillion more in my overflowing spice drawer. The bonus is, as I love tahini so much-  basically sesame seeds crushed up and roasted – and have been known to eat spoonfuls of it in one go (yes, the only seed that’s a major allergen… gnargh), I have a load of jars to store all my lovely seeds in. Seed begets seed. Bonus!

So basically, seeds are EXTREMELY good for us; protein-packed, often allergy-free (beware of sesame, however) stuffed with essential nutrients, and easy-peasy to add in. And when you do the following – well … you’ll want to toast every damn seed you come across.

Here we go:

1. During your regular food shop, buy a packet of seeds. Sunflower and/or pumpkin are often easily available.

2. While you’re preparing your evening meal, put a frying pan on to a medium-high heat. Keep it dry – no oil for toasting!

3. When it’s hot enough, throw in a decent amount of seeds from the packet.

4. Toast for about 7 minutes. Toss the pan occasionally so the seeds toast on both sides.

5. Turn off the heat.

6. When your dinner’s done, scatter the seeds over your vegetables, or – especially if it’s a vegan meal like my twenty-minute black bean chilli – over the meal itself.

7. Enjoy!


The best thing about this toasting malarkey is, you can then keep any toasted seeds you don’t eat to throw on to your salad the next day.

If you want to go further, experiment with different seeds. See which ones taste better toasted, and which are better on their own (chia and poppy can be put directly on a salad, for example).

And if you want more info on the specific health benefits of certain seeds, read here or here.



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  1. Great post! I love seeds, I eat pumpkin, chia and flaxseed daily 🙂

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    1. Stephanie says:

      Thank you! Yep, you can’t beat the seeds!

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