Get a new perspective at midday

Sometimes I need a new perspective on life right here, right now; sometimes we all need to break an old routine. It doesn’t matter if we only have five minutes to spare, this easy little activity helps us to change things about in the middle of the working day.


1. Look at or imagine your work station.


2. Decide on a new place to have your lunch. You might: –

  • have the opportunity to step outside for half an hour, or
  • find a new place in the building or room where you can sit, or
  • turn your chair around so you are facing in the opposite direction


3. When the time comes to eat, get up and go for a walk. Fetch a glass of water, a cup of tea, or just leave the room and come back a minute later.

4. Take your lunch and sit down facing your new perspective.

5. Eat your food while glancing up occasionally at your new perspective.

6. When you have finished, again get up and go for a walk.

7. Return to your desk and continue with your afternoon


For many of us, the old hour-long lunch break is a thing of the past – and two-thirds of us are not even taking the twenty-minute time out which is the UK employee’s legal entitlement.

A small escape from the working day is vital to maintaining our physical and mental well-being. And the small psychological changes we make (getting up and going for a walk, sitting in a new place, or even just facing a new direction) tells our body and brain that as we’re not at work – even for five minutes – it’s now time to rest and recharge.

So many of my friends say they feel unable to take a lunch break at work, because nobody else is doing so. We might be the first ones to start reclaiming the right to a break, or we might want to do so unnoticed, simply by turning round our chair. Either way, we’ll be helping ourselves to reclaim some balance in the middle of the day.


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