The easiest way to do something you’ve never done before

Sometimes we all need a break from the old routine. This is a fun little exercise just to roll that dice and see what happens next. There’s no pressure, but let’s see what happens when we give ourselves permission to try something new.


1. Stop by the next newsagent’s you pass. Go in.


2. Buy a magazine that you’ve never bought before. Don’t think about it too much. Just buy it.


3. Put it in your bag and leave.


4. Plan a time when you can be alone for twenty minutes.


5. Sit down, take out your magazine and read it. Don’t go on your phone (you’ll survive for twenty minutes without it).


Love it or hate it, inputting new stimuli breaks our usual routines of thought, which encourages neuroplasticity, or the making of new connections in our brains, keeping them young and healthy.

Not only that, but breaking that chain shows us how any chain can be broken.

And perhaps our new routine will lead us to discover something we never knew before. Perhaps not. But the point is, if we don’t try new things, we’ll never know.


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